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Pucker Powder
Pucker Powder

Shipwreck Island
Shipwreck Island

Inflatable 15' x 15' Bounces, 13' x 13' Bounces
4 N 1 Bouncer Combos, Double Bounce w/ Slide & Pirate Ships


You must always have a sober adult attendant attending the Inflatable when it is inflated and ready for use. NEVER leave the Inflatable unattended. The attendant must post himself/herself next to the entrance of the Inflatable.

The attendant MUST go over the safety rules which each child and their parents (if parents attending event) who will be participating in using the Inflatable PRIOR to using the Inflatable.

DO NOT allow more than 6 (six) children at once in the 13 x13 bounce, no more than 10 (ten) children at once in the 15 x 15 bounce, 12 (twelve) children at once in the double ounce w/ slide and 15 (fifteen) children at once in the pirate ship.

If you have small children you may want to have an adult stationed in the double bounce. If not then the attendant needs to know how many children are in the double bounce for safety reasons. Keep older children separate from small children to avoid injury.

DO NOT allow flipping or purposefully jumping into one another on any of the inflatables.

ABSOLUTLY NO shoes or sandals allowed in/on the Inflatables.

Please have the children remove any/all sharp objects from their person before entering the Inflatable, including jewelry and toys, glasses, etc.

NO gum, candy, beverages or food in the inflatables is allowed. There is an additional $100.00 charge for cleaning if those items are found in the inflatables once we have picked up the Inflatable.

DO NOT allow the children to climb on the netting.

Please keep the hay bales at both entrances allowing the children to get in and out of the inflatables safely.

NO SMOKING! Keep cigarettes, matches and fuel away from the Inflatables, hay bale and generator (if one is supplied), as these are fire hazards.

If there are winds of more than 20 miles per hour and/or heavy rain occur you will need to close the inflatables down immediately to ensure the children's safety. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

If the generator or electricity quits while there are children in the inflatables do not panic. Quickly have all the children exit the Inflatables. Always know how many children are in the inflatables so that you know that each child is out of the inflatable safely. If you are using a generator make sure that you are keeping an eye on the fuel level so that the generator does not run out of fuel. You will want to keep the generator and all fuel 25 feet away from the inflatable and fenced off from customers, children and animals.

Periodically check that your sleeves to the Blower Motors are secured tightly as a safety precaution.

The job of the attendant of the inflatables is to maintain SAFE operating conditions and control the usage of the Inflatables. Problems may arise if the attendants are not paying attention at all times during use to all of the above guidelines.

Everyone will have a great time while you are using/operating the inflatables if these guidelines are followed. We want everyone to remain safe.

Have Fun!

" We have used ABC Seasonal Specialty Supply several times for our School Carnivals.  We used the Pucker Powder Machine which is a lot of fun for the kids!  The staff is always polite, friendly and timely and the children love the inflatable obstacle course and bounces houses."
Margaret Scott PTA – Portland, Oregon

" We rented the large alien slide from ABC Seasonal Specialty Supply in June of 2009 for a graduation party thinking it would give the younger crowd something to do.  Everyone was great to work with, and the people who set it up were very quick and friendly.  The slide was a huge hit, not only with the kids, but the adults as well!  It got way more use than we had imagined.  Our 10 year old said IT WAS AWESOME!  Great idea for any type of party!   Thanks ABC Seasonal Specialty Supply!"
Karen Becker – Battle Ground, WA

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